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I’ve seen too many people get excited about buying their Teenage Engineering OP-1 only to see them put it up for sale a few weeks after they buy it. Because of that, they claim they just couldn’t figure it out, so they just get rid of it! I think that’s crazy! So, since I love my OP-1 so much and think that it helps you become a better musician, I decided to make a this OP-1 Quick Start Guide tutorial. In this quick start guide, I go over navigating the OP-1 and the basics of making a track from scratch. This isn’t a Masterclass on the OP-1 but more of a quick guide to get you started making music on the OP-1 quick.

I truly believe if you take a little bit of time to learn this amazing music making device you’ll fall in love. I admit, the OP-1 can seem a little bit daunting at first. But once you get familiar with the layout and the controls, making music on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 is a blast. I’ve had mine for over three years, and though I wasn’t sure how to use it al all at first, I now play with it almost every single day. It truly is a great tool for musicians.

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All the topics covered in this OP-1 Quick Start Guide:

  • Navigating the OP-1
  • Controlling the tape on the OP-1
  • Recording with the metronome on the OP-1
  • Copying and Pasting on the OP-1
  • Using Sequencers instead of Quantization on the OP-1
  • Controlling Input Gain/Record Level on the OP-1
  • Recording to Tape on the OP-1
  • Bouncing Tracks into the Drum Sampler on the OP-1
  • Using the Synth Engines on the OP-1
  • Recording External Instruments from the Line In on the OP-1
  • Mixing a track on the OP-1
  • Mute and Solo tracks on the OP-1
  • Performance Effects on the OP-1
  • Track Performance
Brad Tennant

Westland, Michigan based music producer and composer that specializes in melodic beat making with hip hop/funk inspired grooves and dreamy synth sounds.

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