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Last week I posted the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Quick Start Guide. It goes over the basics of using the OP-1 so you can learn the layout and get started making music with it fast. But what happens if you’re not a beginner? Perhaps you want to use some external midi gear alongside this powerful all in one synth? Well, in this OP-1 midi tutorial I talk about how to do just that! First, you need a USB Midi Host to convert your OP-1 USB midi into OP-1 5-Pin Midi. I break down how to use the Midiplus USB Midi Host with the Teenage Engineering OP-1 so you can control external 5-pin midi gear. My examples are with the Arturia Keystep and the Modal Skulpt but as long as you’re working with standard midi connections, the same theory applies.

Topics covered in the OP-1 Midi Tutorial:

  • Connecting the OP-1 to a USB Midi Host
  • Addressing OP-1 Noise and Hum
  • Connecting the OP-1 to Arturia Keystep 5-Pin Midi IN
  • Setting Midi Channel on the OP-1
  • Connecting the OP-1 to the Modal Skulpt’s 5-Pin Midi IN
  • OP-1 Synth Volume Attack Hack
  • OP-1 and Modal Skulpt Ambient Jam

Gear used in the video (affiliate links):

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Brad Tennant

Westland, Michigan based music producer and composer that specializes in melodic beat making with hip hop/funk inspired grooves and dreamy synth sounds.

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