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I try to keep up on how people are liking their Teenage Engineering OP-1 because I’m such a fan of mine. As a result, one thing I see people talk about a lot is how noisy their op-1 can be when trying to record it using an audio interface. Awhile ago, I came across a weird cable combo that fixed my noise issue so I decided to make an OP-1 cable tutorial to help people out with the same issue.

As I said above, I also ran into the issue of noise with my OP-1 unit. As I tried to solve the noise issue, I came across several mentions online that you can reduce your noise by unplugging the USB cord or turning off USB charging in the COM settings. Once i read that, I turned that off and I STILL had a noisy signal when connecting my OP-1 to my audio interface.

After I got the USB settings right in the OP-1, with no fix with the noise, I started investigating my audio cables. As i looked around, I found I had two random XLR cables laying around. So I connected them together. With that, I now had a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch audio cable with an XLR couple in the middle.

Now that I had my new found cable combo, I plugged one end into my OP-1 and one end into my audio interface. And do you know what happened next? The noise vanished! I didn’t find anything about this cable combo I came across so I made a video to break it down.

I also recorded a new op-1 jam for this video. Then I uploaded it to iMusician’s new Instant Mastering service.

Topics that I cover in this OP-1 cable tutorial video include:

  • OP-1 Disk Mode to get audio into a computer
  • Aux cable from the OP-1 with an adapter
  • Using a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch cable from the OP-1
  • My weird XLR cable combo
  • Adding a ground loop noise isolator to get rid of noise from the OP-1
  • a live OP-1 Jam / iMusician Instant Mastering side by side demo
  • Preparing a track for iMusician’s Instant Mastering Service in Logic Pro X
  • Uploading a track to iMusician’s Instant Mastering Service.

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Get the op-1 jam from this video at my bandcamp:

Cables and stuff mentioned in the video (affiliate links):

Listen to Time Machine (Demo) on Spotify:

Brad Tennant

Westland, Michigan based music producer and composer that specializes in melodic beat making with hip hop/funk inspired grooves and dreamy synth sounds.

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