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Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another mind-blowing Ten Minute Tuesday! It’s your buddy Brad Tennont, the lo-fi melodic beatmaker, and producer dude from Southeast Michigan. Whew, it’s been a minute since we did one of these, and I’m kinda psyched to see how it’s gonna turn out. So, let’s dive right into the action!

First things first, if you’re new around here, 10 Minute Tuesday is where I challenge myself to create a killer beat from scratch in just 10 short minutes. Yeah, it’s a wild ride, and today, I’ve got my secret weapon by my side—the awesome MPC One! This bad boy is gonna make music-making a breeze, or at least that’s the plan.

But hold up, before we get into the beat-making bonanza, I gotta share some exciting news. No sponsors today, folks, but guess what? I’ve finally launched my very own store! Woohoo! Now you can snag some dope shirts, just like the one I’m rocking, and a bunch of other sweet designs. Been working hard on this for ages, teased ’em on Insta, and now it’s go time! If you’re curious, hit up and check ’em out. Fingers crossed y’all dig ’em!

Alright, enough of the small talk. Let’s jump into the heart of 10 Minute Tuesday. Ready or not, here we go!

Tick-tock, the countdown begins, and I’m sweating a bit, gotta be honest. I’ve got my entire studio hooked up to this magnificent MPC One, praying everything runs smooth as butter. Our BPM is set at a cool 90—I think that’s gonna work. Time correction’s off, ’cause we’re keepin’ it real, no fakin’ it.

Oh, but wait, I gotta tell you—I’ve been sitting on this for a while. Got my hands on the MPC One a few months back, and I’ve been itching to show it off to you guys. So here’s the moment of truth—I’m peeling off that screen protector like it’s Christmas morning! Oh yeah!

It’s showtime! We hit the record button, and the beat-making madness begins! The drumbeat sets the pace, and I gotta say, it’s a solid start. Now, check this out—the MPC One has this cool chord mode. Bam! Instantly making some mind-blowing chords, ’cause who’s got time to figure ’em out the old-school way, right?

By the way, I’ve learned that the Lydian scale is where it’s at for my vibe, so we’re rollin’ with B major. And hey, down an octave we go, to add some depth to the groove.

Time’s flyin’, we’re down to just six and a half minutes! Let’s not overthink it, though—time to jam out some chords, see what clicks, what sticks. Okay, this one’s out, and that one’s in—every second counts!

Uh-oh, that one chord’s not jivin’ with my soul. Outta here, we’re moving on! Got some new chords, and they’re singin’ to me. Now, let’s tweak ’em a bit, transpose ’em down a notch. Smooth moves, right?

But we’re not done yet! Gotta find that perfect bassline to take our beat to the next level. No time to dilly-dally, just gotta trust my gut. Tick-tock, three minutes left, it’s bassline crunch time!

Okay, we’re gettin’ there—bassline is locked in. It ain’t perfect, but it’s got that vibe we need. Drums, chords, bass—our groove is coming alive!

Wait, wait, wait, we need a lead to steal the show! Two and a half minutes left, I better get on it. Here we go—riffing on the keys, searching for that perfect melody. Time’s runnin’ out, but I’m not givin’ up!

Seconds away from the finish line, and I lay down that lead like a boss! Oh, there’s one note at the end that bugs me, but we’re outta time. No worries, though—it’s all part of the 10 Minute Tuesday thrill.

Boom! Ten minutes are up, and guess what? We did it! A full beat, from scratch, in just ten minutes! It might not be a symphony, but man, it’s a solid starting point. Now, I’m gonna figure out a way to perform this baby and show you what it’s made of!

If you enjoyed the ride and wanna tag along for more wild 10 Minute Tuesdays (trust me, there’s more comin’ your way real soon!), go subscribe on YouTube or leave a comment!

Brad Tennant

Westland, Michigan based music producer and composer that specializes in melodic beat making with hip hop/funk inspired grooves and dreamy synth sounds.

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