Teenage Engineering OP-1

Dead and Handsome (feat.Herm) | Chill dark Lofi hip hop | Jam 66 made on a Teenage Engineering OP-1

Jam 66 almost got scrapped. I couldn’t figure out anything to add over the bass line, piano, and drums and it just felt empty. But while I was filming Jam 65 I started messing around with LFOs on the OP-1 and turned on the gyroscope to effect a piano sounding synth. I paired that with the CWO effect (which I’ve NEVER been able to find a use for until now!) and magic happened. The next week, my buddy Jeremy (@herm_711) came up with a verse to put over it and we recorded it in about 45 minutes.

He later re-recorded the verse with some updated words and then I filmed him doing a few takes and turned it into this little hip hop music video.

All music was created and performed with the Teenage Engineering OP-1. The vocals and music were mixed and mastered (by me) in Logic Pro X.

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