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Chill Instrumental Lofi Beat Visualizer | Brad Tennant – Not Quite | Full Album

open.spotify.com/album/3dsXKm2b5jNm7gjeGA8iB1 – Not Quite, my new album of chill instumental lofi beats, is streaming everywhere May 21st, 2021. I thought it’d be cool to film a lava lamp for an hour. Then I thought it would be cool to mess with the time re-mapping of the video file. Then I thought it would be cool to make it more trippy and then this hypnotic visualizer was born. I honestly can’t stop watching this. So, I hope you enjoy it.

00:00 – 01. The End is the Beginning
02:38 – 02. Go For The Improbable
04:00 – 03. But I DIdn’t
05:31 – 04. Thirty One
07:10 – 05. Like Work
08:50 – 06. Account Four
10:07 – 07. I Tried To
11:31 – 08. Mental Fog
13:36 – 09. Or Other Setbacks
15:00 – 10. And Rest

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