Free20 v3 – 20 Free OP-1 Synth Patches

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I’ve been creating music on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 since 2017 and in the process I’ve created tons of synth patches. Here’s a collection of twenty of said OP-1 patches. For Free.

2 Cluster engine patches

  • ct_onepluck
  • ct_synthstrng

2 Digital engine patches

  • dg_slo-ring
  • dg_was_yung

1 Dr. Wave engine patch

  • dr_callboo

3 DSynth engine patches

  • ds_9bitkeys
  • ds_crspyrgrs
  • ds_loglead

6 FM engine patches

  • fm_erraticlead
  • fm_GetOut
  • fm_onhold
  • fm_organlead
  • fm_rbbr-rd
  • fm_telefifth

3 Phase engine patches

  • ph_alienorgn
  • ph_ebass
  • ph_sonar

1 Pulse engine patch

  • ps_withme

2 Voltage engine patches

  • vt_fzybass
  • vt_nasalbss

Instructions for loading custom OP-1 synth patches:

  1. Unzip download folder
  2. Connect OP-1 via USB cable to a computer
  3. Power OP-1 on
  4. Hold Shift + Com on OP-1
  5. Hit the Track 3 button and Enter Disk Mode on OP-1
  6. Once the OP-1 shows up as a disk on your computer, open up the main directory
  7. Inside the OP-1 directory, you should see 4 folders (album, drum, synth, and tape)
  8. Drag the unzipped download folder into the “synth” folder located in OP-1’s main directory
  9. Eject OP-1 from computer once transfer completes
  10. Wait for OP-1 to create synth patches upon boot up
  11. Once OP-1 is booted up, hit the blue wavey synth button
  12. Hold shift + 1 (in) to load synth engine menu and BT_FREE20iii should now appear


20 Free Synth Patch Presets for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 created by Brad Tennant. Be sure to tag @brad.tennant on Instagram.- I’d love to hear what you create!

*You’ll receive a link to download a zip file after you checkout* (file size: 821.6 KB)