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When I first bought my Korg Volcas I was excited to be adding some hardware synths to my setup. I quickly hooked them up into my setup. Being able to twist physical knobs was getting me pumped up! But almost as quickly as I plugged them in, I was just as  quickly disappointed.  The limitations that are built into the Volcas makes them almost unusable in my case. I mean, no velocity sensitivity? This particular feature lack gives the Volca FM a toy like sound to me. In this video I talk about installing the Unofficial Pajen Firmware Update for the Volca Sample and Volca FM to make these tiny little synths actually useful!

Among other things, the unofficial firmware gives us up to four note polyphony with the Volca Sample. When I first bought that particular unit that was one of the things I had envisioned doing. But when I plugged in my Keystep midi controller I found out how weird the midi implementation was. After that I barely even ended up touching the poor little guy. 

Thankfully, we now have up to four notes of polyphony on the Sample and we also have velocity sensitivity on that and the Volca FM along with a slew of other features. With the firmware installed, I’m now actually excitied to use my Korg Volcas!


I also go over  my new song Mornings in the video. With that, I go over my Logic Pro X project. I cover how I used the Unofficial Pajen Firmware on my Volca FM on a track as well as how I processed my vocals and guitars. Since I live in an apartment, I don’t have access to a drum kit so I used Logic Pro’s Drummer to give this song a real rock vibe. 

The original vibe of the song was more of a Trap song. But after a few listens I decided I wasn’t really feeling it. So, I tried Logic’s Drummer on the Funk Drummer and wow! The drums were perfect!

Korg Volca FM Pajen Firmware:
Korg Volca Sample Pajen Firmware:

Brad Tennant

Westland, Michigan based music producer and composer that specializes in melodic beat making with hip hop/funk inspired grooves and dreamy synth sounds.

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