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Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish

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Red Bridge to Oakland

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The Art of Faking It (part 3)

After a day and a half worth of shooting, I began to look over the footage we got and start to edit it together. I hated it. Nothing looked the way I had imagined it in my head except for one shot. The lack of dialogue made the story feel like it didn’t flow. And, on top of that, I then realized there were a few key shots that I somehow forgot to capture. October was about half over and the deadline to finish for the contest was fast approaching and all I had to show for it was a jumbled short film that I was not proud of. I still needed to turn this in for class credit too. I needed to somehow turn this into something that I wanted to be associated with, so I started thinking of a voiceover that could help walk the audience through what’s going on without holding their hands and being overly obvious.

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My Wall

Coming up with ideas for short films is really not that hard. You could essentially turn any real life moment into a scene in your film. All you really need to do is just point your camera at the action…

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