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Brad Tennant

Endlessly curious and always creative.

I do a lot of things and I’m a perfectionist with all of them. If I’m not making myself busy creating something new I’ll probably lose my mind.

  • Making music since 1997
  • Graphic design since 2001
  • Screen printing since 2002
  • Building websites since 2002
  • Working with video since 2003
  • Taking photos since 2005
  • Won awards for screen writing and directing in 2013
  • Started freelancing in 2014
  • Worked on ads for Microsoft, Facebook, and Oculus in 2016-17
  • Started working with Brands like DistroKid and iMusician in 2019
  • Went a little crazy in 2021
  • Made my comeback in late 2022

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a project you think I could help out on.